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"All the different emotions that are written about on this album are all pretty much about the kind of tumultuous, crazy, insane, intense, semi-toxic relationships that I’ve experienced in the last two years…in my mind, all those emotions are red." (credit)

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Fearless - Speak Now - Red

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Dylan O’Brien at the Giffoni Film Festival July 21/14

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Taylor Swift out in NY, 24th of july

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Taylor Swift + Struggling on stage

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it doesn’t matter if they’re wendigos, or werewolves, or whatever.

i’m going to save  e v e r y o n e

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Taylor Swift in Both of Us

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Favorite Taylor Swift Songs: Haunted

You and I walk a fragile line. I have known it all this time. Never ever thought I’d see it break. Never thought I’d see it…

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