Taylor Swift and occasionally other things I love.

I’ve heard every album, listened to the radio

@6:03pm on 23 Apr1220+
till queue tore it all up;  

I was enchanted to meet you

@4:02pm on 23 Apr2050+
@12:03pm on 23 Apr15674+
till queue tore it all up;  

I don’t think honesty is ever something you should regret. I figure if I’m going to cover things up and try to hide the way I feel and try to be perfect all the time, people are going to see through that.

@6:02am on 23 Apr1037+
till queue tore it all up;  

Darling it was good

@8:55pm on 22 Apr120+
@8:55pm on 22 Apr4765+
With the right music, you either forget everything or you remember everything.
@8:53pm on 22 Apr25707+


do you ever get stressed about all the things you have to do and instead of doing the things you gotta do you kinda shut down and do nothing

@8:52pm on 22 Apr49967+
me at this very moment in time;  

Catching Fire + Soundtrack (inspiration).

@8:52pm on 22 Apr197+

"I had my songwriting heroes, and the fact that there’s a possibility that there will be kids who are little now, and they’re going to grow up and maybe list me as a potential role model or example of someone who wrote songs and showed them that they can do it too, that’s an amazing feeling."

@8:50pm on 22 Apr542+
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